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Blog Posts:

(Posted with client’s permission)

Business Posts:

“How Will Bitcoin and Business Work Together in the Future?”  USA Today Classifieds Blog.

Bitcoin. Golden and silver bitcoins - virtual cryptocurrency

“The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Event Planning.”  Upgifs Business Blog.

customer data analysis

“Why Good Branding is so Important to Your Business.” USA Today Classifieds Blog.

“Guide for Adventure Entrepreneurs:  How to Start a Travel Business in 2018.”  The Washington Post National Jobs Career Blog.
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Career Posts:

“How Performance Review Feedback Can Make You a Better Employee.”  USA Today Classifieds Blog.
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“How to Start a Successful Career in Cybersecurity.”  USA Today Classifieds Blog.
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Cyber security job Business, technology, internet and networking concept

“What Can You Do With a Health Information Technology Degree?” The Washington Post National Jobs Career Blog.
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“After the Bar:  How to Find Jobs for Recent Law School Graduates.”  The Washington Post National Jobs Career Blog.
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Health/Wellness Posts:

“A Look at New Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease.” SFGATE Blog.
mhsmithwrites_breakthroughs in parkinsons

“Getting Help With Alcoholism: How to Find the Help You Need.” USA Today Classifieds Blog.

.getting help for alcoholism

“The Ultimate Guide to Mindfulness Meditation.” Her Nexx Chapter Blog.

“Goodnight Allergies; How to Prevent Nasal Congestion at Night.” SFGATE Blog.
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Parenting Posts:

“20+ Outdoor Activities for Girl Scouts.”  Girl Scouts of Northern California Trailhead Blog.
Marlene Smith – Outdoor Activities

“Motherhood:  So Many Little Goodbyes.”  Today Show Parenting Blog.


“Women’s History Month; 9 Famous Girl Scouts Who Left Their Mark on History.” Girl Scouts of Northern California Trailhead Blog.
Marlene Smith – Womens History Month

“4 Tips for Working with Troop Parents and Volunteers.”  Girl Scouts of Northern California Trailhead Blog.
Marlene Smith – Troop Parents and Volunteers

Tech Posts:

“10 Tips for a Strong Business Cyber Security Policy.”  USA Today Classifieds Blog.
cyber policy final_website

“7 Ways to Create an SEM Strategy That Will Land Your Site on the First Page of Google.” The Washington Post National Jobs Career Blog.
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Businesswoman pressing security button on virtual screens, Business concept and technology information security and data encryption.

“Social Media Skills Every Aspiring Strategist Needs.”  The Washington Post National Jobs Career Blog.
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“S’more Than Meets the Eye.”  The Costco Connection Magazine. 

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Online Media:

“Ghoul Times in Portland Oregon.”  Medium.com.

“Vitamin D and Selenium:  Nature’s Secret Weapons to Fighting SAD and the Winter Blues.”  Medium.com.

B2B Copy: 

Marketing Flyer for Sales Services. Challenge Dairy Inc., Dublin California.

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Technical Report Writing/Projects:

Before my freelance career, I enjoyed a 25+ year career in California government service. I wrote technical public procurement documents and call-to-action reports that elected officials, governmental commissions, and other decision makers needed to make final decisions. My last few public service years were with the Judicial Council of California, the policy arm of California’s judicial branch. Below are some examples of that work:

California DUI/Drug Court Pilot Project (2005)

Grant-funded pilot project to determine whether existing collaborative justice drug court models could be utilized for repeat driving under the influence (DUI) offenders as well.

Amendments to the Code of Ethics for the Court Employees of California (2009)

Project to amend the Code of Ethics for the Court Employees of California to reflect updated and comprehensive tenets and guidelines that support the highest standards of professional integrity and ethical conduct by all court employees.

Judicial Branch Education: Minimum Ethics Education Requirements for Trial Court Executive Officers (2010)

Policy amendments to ensure that a minimum of three hours of ethics training be included in continuing education requirements for trial court executive officers.