Welcome to the Showroom!



[shoh-room, -roo m] 


1.   a large space used to display products for sale, such as automobiles, furniture, appliances, carpet or apparel.

verb (used without object)

2.   to be used as a place to view rather than buy merchandise: Their mall kiosk was used to showroom for their website.

There are lots of helpful articles out there about what your initial blog post should cover.  And I’m thankful for all of them.  I thought long and hard about what I’d want my author’s site blog to be about and what I’d want prospective clients to know about me.  The same general theme kept coming back to me:  A blog should be your showroom for your work and you.  So….

Welcome to my showroom!

What am I about:  I am a freelance writer who can do the following for you:

    • Research magazine and blog site media kits, editorial calendars, and other submission guidelines;
    • Prepare article and post query letters to pitch proposed article topic/s that are either my own or consistent with editorial calendar preferences;
    • Conduct research and interviews with subject matter experts;
    • Write and submit completed articles to editors before deadlines; and
    • Work with copy editors to edit and refine articles to final draft.

What is this blog about:    Normal folks may refer to this space as a “blog” but I think of it as a space to display products- to encourage people to view rather than buy.  I’d like to think of it as an arena with light blonde, wood panels that encases a friendly, safe place for visitors to indulge in my products.

So in that vein, my goal is to eventually use my showroom to share the articles, essays and blog posts that got pushed to the curb by disinterested editors and freelance clients.  Abandoned at birth.  Dumped on the church steps.

It might even be a safe place to try something new.

Stand by while this show room fills up soon.  One day, it will be a virtual rival to the Champs Elysees in Paris or 5th Avenue in New York.  But today, my showroom looks and sounds a little like this:

[ECHOES] Hello in there.

More About Marlene Smith 

Currently writing in the parenting/children, food, and business niches.  Previous works include guest blog posts, magazine articles, and B2B copy experience.  Feel free to visit me at http://www.marlenesmithwrites.com.