Plucking My Eyebrows With Bored Children At My Feet


I’ve got 3.5 minutes to mow my eyebrows and protect myself from accidentally being mistaken for Groucho Marks’ missing granddaughter.  My pre-schoolers are as bored as deserted island castaways.  I’ve got 3.5 minutes before all hell breaks loose.  The absolute only place left in the entire house for my kids to sit is on the floor in the bathroom at my feet.

“Ouch….ouch….ouch…ouch…ouch…ouch…Ben;  stop that.

Ouch…ouch…ouch…  Ben;  stop making your sister smell your feet.

Ouch…Ben!  I said stop it.  What did you do, change your name?  I’m talking to you!

Ouch…ouch…ouch… BEN!

My 3.5 minutes are up.


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